Tricia Weis

Photo of Tricia Weis
Preschool Vision Consultant
1-800-832-9784 x6150

Tricia Weis specializes in the evaluation and assessment of preschool aged children with visual impairments.  She cares strongly about these little learners and is dedicated to the children and families that she serves.

After earning her bachelor’s degree in Special Education-Visual Impairments from Northern Illinois University, Tricia worked for four years as an itinerant teacher of Wisconsin students with visual impairments.  In 2005 she joined the WCBVI Outreach team and, having raised children of her own, found that her fascination with the development of young children had matured into a passion for evaluating non-verbal children who have visual impairments.

As a lifelong learner, Tricia’s keeps abreast of best practices and strategies for working with her target population.  As Outreach’s Preschool Consultant, Tricia also works with teachers and parents throughout Wisconsin to achieve optimal growth for preschool children with visual impairments.