New Logo/Mascot Needed

The Wisconsin School for the Blind and Visually Impaired (WSBVI) is in need of a new mascot/logo!  We have found out that our current “Bucky Badger” logo infringes on UW-Madison’s.  We were always under the impression that we were given permission, long ago, to use the Bucky depiction that we have been using for many years.  At issue for the most part, is the “flying W”; that cannot be used!

In an effort to avoid future problems, we would like to design a new WSBVI Badger logo.  It could depict a badger with a “W” on its chest, for instance, it just must be a different design that our current Bucky.

We would like to give our current students, families, staff, and our alumni, an opportunity to design a new logo.  We plan on keeping our school colors of orange and black as well as our “WSBVI Badgers” name.  Our new logo may or may not be a badger; the new design could be a badger paw print.  Whatever design is chosen, it must be unique to the WSBVI. 

All those interested in submitting a design may contact:

Kim Heimerl

WSBVI Principal



Karen Heesen, AAWSBVI Alumni President

608-758-6100 x5332

All submissions are due by June 9th, 2017.  A new mascot/logo will be selected by a committee and will be dedicated in the fall.