September 2014

First Day

Photo of street sign with words Back To School

As I write, it is our first day of school. It is probably your child’s too. This is a time of adjustment for everyone.  New teachers, new schools, new friends, new books, and new problems. And even if things are substantially the same as last year, that will change too.

We all remember our very first day. I was five, and had just moved to Salem Oregon to attend the school for the Blind. There was a big room, and a teacher named Mrs. Nicholson. I was absolutely fascinated by a bridge in the room, two sets of steps, with a wide board between them. No rail, of course (we weren’t as careful then) but it was a fun thing to walk on. I had walked to school that fall morning with my mother, who tearfully left me in Mrs. Nicholson’s charge.