Professional Development

2017 Preschool Conference

Friday March 31 to Sunday April 2

Our ​purpose ​is ​to ​support ​families ​and ​caregivers ​who ​have ​children ​who ​are ​blind ​or ​visually ​impaired ​make ​connections ​with ​other ​families ​and ​to ​gain ​information ​and ​strategies ​to ​assist ​their ​children ​in ​reaching ​their ​highest ​potentials.

An event for families and professionals!

UW-Platteville TVI Program

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The UW-Platteville School of Education is proud to offer its program for training prospective Teachers of the Visually Impaired (TVI).

Introduction to Unified English Braille

Introduction to Unified English Braille (UEB) is a six-part video series, intended for anyone interested in braille, giving an overview of the changes that will come with the transition to Unified English Braille.

Unified English Braille for Vision Professionals

An intensive 12-session self-study course that will take vision professionals and others through the entire Rules of Unified English Braille 2013 code book.