Photo of a student serving the ball in a goalball game

by Mr. Dustin Andrews

This year the annual goalball tournament was held in St. Louis at the Missouri School for the Blind and Visually Impaired. We had very high hopes this year bringing two of the most talented men’s and women’s teams we have had at Wisconsin. The men’s team, consisting of Mani Abdul-Hameed, Joe Hickman, Alfredo Ramirez, Bill Drascic, Mario Calderon, and Kirk Millberger, ran into a very hard bracket. They lost to the defending champs of Ohio and a very tough Missouri team. It was a tough way to end the season.

The women’s team, consisting of Kat Myers, Gabie Welsh, Ronnay Howard, Taylar Bogdanovic, and Kaylee Bertz, came home with the 2nd place trophy. It was an outstanding effort by the ladies beating Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky before losing to the champions of Tennessee. It was a tremendous group of ladies with great attitudes and determination. They represented Wisconsin well. Both teams worked very hard all season setting a great example for the future of Wisconsin Goalball!